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'We know how the light works,
we know where the sound is coming from.
Verse. Chorus. Verse.
I'm sorry. We know how it works. The world is no longer mysterious'

.   .. . ... . . by Frozen-photo

The Curse by manuelestheim

Dreaming as the days go by.. II by AlicjaRodzik

just back by rmalo5aapi
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  • Reading: 'Crush', Richard Siken

Ice Cream by la-child
167 by mirrorsinthestreet
Electrocution by AliceLitwin
Fairy. by Feelonia
ayakli kilit. by kangurucikmazi
LenaChe_2 by rmalo5aapi
  • Mood: dA Love
  • Listening to: Saint-SaŽns
hiding stories again. by BlackDennie putrefaction by laura-makabresku
Scraps and pieces by haania
Raw by HappyKootie a breeze in the summertime by vampire-zombie
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nothing to lose by i-am-afraid
Andisac by xcosettex nothing by meyrembulucek
innocence and autumn by UnaRubyHeart City of refuge by alexandrajitariuc UntitledS by ClemIsNoise

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gonna get you all

Lily by Zhivago86 Lady Moth III by uglybug Need inspiration III by Pawssou
i by deepinswim Insomnia's insects by NataliaDrepina
Invariably she remembered the boy by NataliaDrepina
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  • Listening to: nick drake
the sky was the blankest sheet ..

A demi nue V by pauline-greefhorst
untitled by huhahohi Blue and White by paulisa
Ballad of a mermaid by alexandrajitariuc

.. we drew lines upon it so our thoughts could meet *
  • Mood: Anxious
  • Listening to: Kings of Convenience
Narben der Seele - 1 by Niemans
High by DancingwithDeers INFINITE by DonaRita Under pressure by m1rna
Ode by RunsWithTheWind

the stillness of remembering what you had and what you lost
  • Mood: Anxious
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even landlocked lovers yearn for the sea like navy men

i miss it here

  • Mood: Homesick
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you were the prettiest of all the corpses.
  • Reading: crime and punishment
write a poem about every single person i love and then feel happy about it even though they all suck
the poems
and sometimes,
the people i love

i don't know why both melancholy and happiness have to strike this toughly when I'm so out of shells and weapons and sheets
when I'm so out of
you - exacly when I most needed
to disappear
into your skin
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I took the night
to jerk off
while thinking about

love is a mistery,

i heard the drunk man saying.

turns out


Journal Entry: Fri Jun 22, 2012, 11:31 AM
Dearest deviants, I'm officially on vacations, and will hopefully find the time to come here more often. I really miss looking through your beautiful things, featuring them, just being around here. I'll promise a new journal, soon (:

Been uploading some pictures here: movingpictures-silentfilms.blo…
decided to go back to blogspot for a while, also missed it there. You can go and check it and maybe give some opinions/advice, it's always welcome (:
See you guys soon. Much love. xxxxxx

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All is Violent, All is Bright

Journal Entry: Wed May 30, 2012, 5:33 PM
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in love with .dizturbedjay.

featuring : narva

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:heart: in love with .dizturbedjay. :heart:

The beautifully crashing feeling of wanting to gather all of your belongings (mostly books and cameras and notebooks) and see the world.
And take the love of your life with you to live endlessly overwhelming adventures.

take me back to the 80s so I can dance to Saturday Night Fever, and pretend everything glows and blinds us and makes us drunk on happiness, the kind of drunkness that doesn't screw our moves, but makes them disco-perfect, so I can forget about how miserable and poor I am
yours sincerely
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  • Listening to: nirvana
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